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For years I felt pain in some poses because I was doing them wrong.  Lori was so amazing at helping me understand where an action should and shouldn't take place that now I trust myself in public classes. - Nissa


My abs have never been so sore, this is a good thing!  And I have her to thank for my toned arms and booty.  
- Hilary

My chronic neck pain improved so much with Lori's guidance that I'm no longer on medication. 

- Jim

Lori's not only extremely smart, she's so much FUN!  I love my sessions with her. -Sage

Lori's stretch classes are the best thing I have ever done for my body!! Lori is, by far, the best at what she does!!


Lori's Yoga Fusion Fitness classes changed my body significantly, and FAST,  while I was training to be a Clippers Girl!

- Jessica

I don't know what it is, but whenever I do yoga with Lori, I walk away feeling more postive and ready to take on the next challenge.



Having Lori train me at home holds me accountable and her check-ins between sessions keep me from slacking off!

- Suzi

Overuse of my right shoulder in volleyball caused major pain.  With Lori's help, I'm back in the game!
- Joanne

Say you tried [yoga] a couple times a while ago with your girlfriend but still pretty much hated it?  It was boring, and a one hour class seemed like a road trip to Canada? Well you may want to give it another try...this time with Lori! A fantastic instructor for all levels her class once or twice a week really compliments other workouts.


Not only have my knees become stronger, but with Lori's help I've cut my mile time down!

- Mike

Lori is amazing. She pushes me to work hard, but also takes care of me. I feel empowered & strengthened all at once. I'm never going back to another yoga instructor.  Lori rocks!!


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