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Think yoga is just stretching?  Think again.

Yoga is utilized for Weight-Loss, Muscle Building, Leaning Out, Balance, Body Propreoception, Empowerment, Injury Healing, Injury Prevention and's all how you use it!!


I'm just the chick to help you navigate the complexities of each pose, movement and breath; challenging your body and mind, encouraging you be the best YOU!



New to yoga?  Intimidated by large classes and all of those spandex clad booties? Want to hone in on the basics of specific poses whether it be a forward fold or a handstand?


A Yoga Tune-up may be in order!


In Yoga Tune-up sessions I'll guide you through the fundamentals of yoga so that you are confident attending public classes, learn modifications just for you and practice without injury - no matter what the instructor says (sometimes they aren't talking to you so it's important to know when).


A Yoga Tune-up is great for refreshing your practice to understand anatomy better and where a move derives from so that you get more out of your practice.


IF there's a special pose you just can't seem to "get" I'll prep you with poses and then guide you though the pose from the ground up so that your BODY "gets it" & you'll be on your way!!



Think of me as your personal trainer as you work up a sweat as you build muscle, burn fat and trim the middle. 


More muscle = more fat burning.  Yoga builds long, lean muscle - NO BULK - because you isolate the muscle in it's most lengthened form. 


I'll push you to your limit safely...just when you think you can't do one more yoga pushup I'll assist you ever so slightly so your core reengages to bring you up = SMILE!!!


You'll also learn where each move derives from so that you can choose which muscles to work in a squat....yep, you can do the same "Chair Pose" and isolate the booty, or inner thigh, or qaud, or hamstring or use them ALL! 


Each session is tailored to your goals and basic nutrition advice is offered.


What are you wating for? Let's do this!!!!





Are you suffereing from chronic pain? Many times an issue with our shoulder can derive from a tight low back or even inner thigh - so stretching your neck at your desk isn't going to make that icky feeling in your shoulder subside.


After a consultation I'll guide you through exercises, getting to the root of the problem; there's usually more than one, and you'll learn pose sequences that you continue to do at home, in the office, even in the car. 


Similar to Physical Therapy, but on a deepr muscular level, it usually takes a minimum of four sessions to finalize a program - as long as you do your homework!

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