The time of pre-adolescence can be confusing and frustrating, leaving girls with feelings of self-doubt and a growing need for positive reinforcement from their peers.  In fact, during adolescence, girls’ self-esteem drops twice as much as boy’s self esteem.  It’s during this transformational time that girls begin to form a consciousness of self to confirm their identity and individuality; transitioning from childhood into puberty and adulthood.


The tween age begins an imperative time to: develop healthy fitness habits, instill love for their physical attributes just how they are (as pubescent changes happen and comparisons arise), cultivate solid, supportive female friendships, realize innate potential and foster their unique purpose.


Currently in development of the True HOTI curriculum, Leader's Guide, and accompanying home journal, your support will help make this progam a reality! 


Let's change the future of young girls, together.  Why?  


Because girls are important.




Utilizing a dual-purpose program that focuses on physical wellness and personal well-being, tweens are empowered to believe in themselves, reach their full potential and embark on fulfilling lives.


This 10-week, life-impacting, curriculum begins with a journey of understanding who they are, where they came from, instilling words and thoughts of worth that lead to actions of worth, cultivating female friendships and mentors, strategies to stand up in in the face of mean teasing or bullying, and removing the mystique and shame around their bodies; leading to an inward ownership of all that she intrinsically is. 


The result:  Valuing her whole self.


This electrified yoga workout incorporates heart pounding music, fun fashion elements and dynamic, interactive teaching; encouraging lifelong health and fitness, creating community and building confidence through accomplishment.  

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